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Hi and Welcome to Kitchen Air Inc. On behalf of myself and our entire team, we would like to formally invite you to our company’s website. We try and keep things simple and laid back here at Kitchen Air Inc. We realize that the world of commercial kitchen ventilation is rarely simple or laid back, but with proper planning, a little education, and communication, there is little that can prevent hood systems from being as successful as possible.

If there are two things that you should gain from reading this it’s that we always have the end-users best interests in mind and we know what we’re doing.

This website is first and foremost a resource. You will never see cheap, gimmicky “free shipping”, a well-orchestrated section of only perfect 5 star reviews, or a list of cookie-cutter hood systems that are “ready to sell” with virtually no input from the end-user. What you will find is information. Over a decade of information from actual field service, manufacturing-line, installation and engineering experience. We focus on how to properly design systems that function safely and adequately. We show you where you can take short cuts and where you absolutely can’t if you are against a budget on a project. We explain how the industry works and what kind of vendor might be best suited for your project.

If you have time, I challenge you to learn as much as you can about how hood systems work and how a properly balanced restaurant can save thousands of dollars per year in operating costs and lost revenue. Please review our prices on fan belts, hood filters and other key components to hood systems. Let us know how we are doing on price and if there are parts you would like to see added to our site. We welcome feedback. We try to keep our parts and equipment as competitively priced as possible and with the fastest lead times in the industry. Finally, please review our list of services. If we are not local to your area, we will be. Until then, if your hood system needs emergency service, reference our national resource network map for someone who can help. We put a lot of effort into presenting one source for where to find local vendors who perform emergency hood repair all across the country.

I personally promise you that we will do everything in our power to keep your hood system up and running and designed to your specific needs. Our team wakes up every day with one common goal: To constantly improve ways to better serve our customers.

If you want to talk about anything here is my Cell: 215-630-7206.

Or email me anytime:

Below is a little bit about how we run things at Kitchen Air Inc. We are big believers in full-transparency, doing the right thing, having fun, and working hard:

Our Approach: We hire good-natured people who are smart and have passion for kitchen ventilation and the food industry. We then train these people and give them access to whatever they need to accomplish their goals. In regards to our service technicians, this means parts. Lots of parts, both stocked on the truck and at regional warehouses. We keep it simple. We design hood systems that make sense for the cooking application. We sell the essential parts for online sales at extremely affordable prices: belts, filters and motors. We educate our customers and let them make the best decision for their kitchen ventilation system.

3 Major things that set us apart from other Online Vendors:

  • We specialize in selling a very niche group of products related only to commercial kitchen ventilation. This allows us to stock a maximum quantity of each item, keep it simple, and pass on savings to our customers. We stock emergency exhaust fans at our shipping warehouses and can custom build them to your exact spec, the same day. We are not aware of any other vendor that has attempted this.
  • We calculate our shipping costs. Other cheap online websites offer “Free Shipping”. There is no such thing as free shipping. Shipping costs should be calculated. It’s the right way to do business. We don’t care what studies show.
  • We only sell products that are listed. Other online vendors sell hood filters that are not UL or ETL Listed. This is a major fire hazard and a risk that we would never pass on to our customers.

Our Company Values:

The two attributes which we find most important:

  • Competency: You have to be able to complete your job. This means being knowledgeable, knowing how to execute, have the parts and equipment to get the job done, and do it in a timely and efficient manner. If you are going to do something, be the best at it.
  • Trustworthy: Having your customers best interests in mind 100% of the time. No long term business relationship will ever succeed without it.

General Thoughts:

When I look at the commercial kitchen ventilation industry today, I see many trends. Some good, some bad. New technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Systems continue to get more and more complicated and expensive. There are now numerous options to purchase equipment and parts online at highly discounted rates, but very few of these online vendors know anything about the products they sell or kitchen ventilation. In the field, we continuously find equipment that has been installed incorrectly or is underserviced resulting in poorly operating and dangerous systems.

At Kitchen Air Inc, from the very beginning our main focus has been to protect the best interests of the end-user. Currently, the industry is driven by the interests of manufacturers, food service dealers, consultants and engineers. It should be driven with influence from both the end-user and producer side. Building this bridge starts with education and communication.

If you are someone who is planning on designing, purchasing, or taking over a restaurant, you owe it to yourself and your employees to learn about how kitchen ventilation systems work. They encompass a large portion of the upfront costs associated with starting a restaurant, and it pays to do some research. These systems are not overly complicated but knowing to some degree how they function will go a long way toward saving money, providing a safe and comfortable working environment for your kitchen staff, and sustaining continued success.

Every manufacturer is chasing that next big breakthrough in efficiency savings. One thing is certain: This trend will not stop. As long as there is competition in the marketplace, technology will continue to advance. This is good thing. Smart restaurant owners will keep pace with this technology in order to make educated decisions concerning their operations.

The golden rule: Do on to others as you would want others to do on to you. When this is applied to the world of commercial kitchen ventilation, it goes something like this: Design and service every kitchen ventilation system as if it was your own.

I have dedicated over a decade of my life to learning everything I can about commercial kitchen ventilation. I have crawled through 20×20” grease duct at 3am in order to troubleshoot deficiencies in exhaust airflow, have spent 14 straight hours monitoring a restaurants cooking operation if it meant that I could learn one useful piece of information to better increase system efficiency, and I was the first person brought onsite in order to ensure that the new kitchen ventilation system was installed and functioning properly at the top of the new world trade center. I tell of these experiences to convey that we truly will do whatever it takes to get the job done and there is no such thing as a job that is too small or too large. I want to pass knowledge on to anyone interested in learning. Whether it’s teaching a service technician how the fan laws work to properly adjust airflow to design or reviewing a system with a chef to improve on smoke capture performance.

At Kitchen Air Inc, we will always put forth maximum effort, we will always listen, and we will always have a relentless drive to make your commercial kitchen ventilation system a success.


Brandon Wellington


Kitchen Air Inc